Green New Coast:
the Future of Lincoln County

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As of 2020, Lincoln County, Oregon is marked by a relatively low population, relatively poor per capita income, relatively isolated coastal geography, and employment largely confined to the fields of tourism, healthcare, timber, fishing, and government.

Like the rest of the United States, citizens here simultaneously face profound challenges from longstanding inequities in the economy, in housing, in political power, in healthcare, in exposure to toxic substances, and in the loss of natural habitat, as well as the stupendous threats which characterize our climate crisis: floods, sea-level rise, droughts, wildfires, crop failures, windstorms, and an expected increase in severe heat waves.

Our response to the emergency must therefore be two-pronged: (1) mitigation, or reduction, of greenhouse-gas and toxic pollution; and (2) adaptation, or preparation for further social, economic, technological, and environmental changes.