About Digital Emergency Kit™

Finally, a Cost-effective Answer for Procrastination

A Productive Investment

Accountants and lawyers are organized enough to make secure copies
of their own tax documents, recurring bills, passports, passwords,
and contact addresses — but what about clients? The DEK™
workflow provides the degree of structure, scheduling, security,
coordination, and convenience to protect them in a cost-effective way.
The 1-day workshop pays for itself after 12 hours of new billable
services (see the calculation, below). (Or, get acquainted with an
inexpensive short introduction.)

  • 1-day Workshop: $495.00
  • Mean hourly wage for financial advisor: $43.70
  • $495 / $43.70 = 11.33 hours (payback)
  • DEK™ benefit to client: priceless

Benefit to client?


An Experienced Instructor

Mitch Gould

He's worked for the Georgia Tech Research Institute, NCR's Distributed Multimedia Technology Lab, ADAM Software, Iterated Systems, BellSouth, and SAP Labs, and has written for Physics Today, Popular Science, Men's Fitness, and Runner's World. He published Mastering Animator and Windows 95 Multimedia Programming. He earned masters degrees in physics & anatomy from Georgia Tech and Emory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DEK™?

It's a workflow for capturing and securing your clients' personal and financial records. It comprises scanning documents, storing them securely and redundantly, and coordinating with clients during the long process of collecting all the records. FEMA recommends storing documents on flash drive or in the cloud; we recommend both. We also recommend social-networking services to schedule and coordinate document acquisition, as in: "May 4th is the due date for copies of your most recent tax filings."

Why is this so important?

Assuming you already recognize the importance of recovering after a disaster, DEK's most important characteristic is its ability to overcome procrastination. This is the result of the way the DEK workflow removes the current barriers to clarity, structure, scheduling, and convenience.

What's in it for me?

Potentially, a valuable new line of business, especially if you serve elite clients whose time is too valuable to devote to assembling this data purely on their own. A realistic schedule for assembling a good kit involves brief, periodic efforts over the course of months.

How do I get started?

Register for our next 1-day workshop. Or, to just get your feet wet, register for our low-cost introduction.

Won't this be expensive?

After you attend one workshop; you'll be practically good to go. You already have a scanner and Internet access. Some online services that help you coordinate with clients are free. You can obtain the DEK™ Stack of scannable forms from General Picture for a reasonable fee; and, for an additional fee, we'll customize these forms with your brand.

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